“Fave Color for the 1st Time” – 8/28/13 Daily Writing Prompt Result

Fave Color for the 1st Time Result from 8/28/13

The Pacific Ocean stretched before me like a blanket of jewels, sparkling delicately in the confident summer sun. The calm of the waves laughing against the shoreline melted into a crisp and refreshing sound, the kind of relief one feels after drinking a tall glass of icy cool lemonade on a hot day. My hair and skin baked in the sun’s rays; my body thanked me for the little time it took to apply coconut-scented sunscreen.

The air was peaceful and warm, a comforting hug. Seagulls called in the distance and children played a few hundred feet from me, but I was wrapped in the moment of utter tranquility.

The waves pooled at my feet, cool water trickling and sighing happily. The ocean pushed and pulled the waves back and forth like a mother pushing her child in a tire swing.

This was home, this place in a romantic summer sky. The sun guided me here, calling to me from all four corners of my life. The aqua sea begged for me to join her and I could resist no more. I gave in, feeling the cool sapphire water play against my body and circle around me – a loving husband comforting me.

This will always be my home.



Author’s Note: All work is copyrighted by the author.