“Opening Line” – 8/30/13 Daily Writing Prompt Result

Opening Line – Daily Writing Prompt Result (8/30/13)

I am the one to find her.

And she did the deed right on her Hello Kitty sheets.


So I cheated a bit for this daily writing prompt, as these lines are from an old story of mine called “Silent But Spoken.” I wrote the story in college over 10 years ago, during a Creative Writing class. The story was about a college student who finds her roommate dead by her own hand. The roommate’s life was full of secrets and pain, including a complicated relationship with her mom. The narrator finds out more about her roommate, and even though they were best friends, she realizes she never really knew her. The story was about relationships, and how you really can’t know someone completely.

Those two opening lines are among some of my favorite that I’ve ever written. I’m always tempted to use them again! 🙂

Happy Writing!

(Hope this pic isn’t too morbid…)

Hello Kitty sheets