“Emotion Devotion” – 8/31/13 Daily Writing Prompt Result

Emotion Devotion – Daily Writing Prompt Result for 8/31/13

I boil inside, my blood hot as the asphalt in deep summer. The color red is running towards me, a flash of darkness from within. I’ll kill her, I think, wanting to squeeze the life from her pale throat. I want her head to pop off, to explode like a balloon – a stupid, worthless balloon.

How dare she?! Who does she think she is?! To cut me off? To gesture at me uselessly from the comfort of her own car?! I dodge around her, then hit the brakes in front of her, enjoying the panic in her face as she must now react to my own stubbornness. And stupidity.

I cackle at her and continue on home. Mess with me?! Bitch, you lose.