Daily Writing Prompt #7.13 – No Pain, No Gain (9/2/13)

Daily Writing Prompt #7.13 – No Pain, No Gain (9/2/13)

I skipped Sunday for the writing prompts, and I think I will continue to do that. I don’t want to get burned out over this blog, as I did with my old blog, Keen Tea Thyme. Well that and tea is very political. You wouldn’t think politics would play a role in the world’s favorite beverage but good lord, the politics that ensued!

Today’s writing prompt is posting late, and I apologize. I’ve been fighting a migraine all weekend and still had the pain today. I was off, thank you US Government, but with the horrid weather and barometric pressure I fear I may be out sick tomorrow (Tuesday) as well. I hope not!

The prompt:

In honor of my migraine, pick an ailment that stops you in your tracks and write a flash fiction piece about a character suffering from that ailment, without actually naming the pain. You can describe everything else about the pain (and use the word “pain”) but not what is actually wrong.

Happy Writing!

(This image is from an upcoming movie. I adore The Rock and Mark Wahlberg, excuse my boy-crazy tendencies!)


The Rock & Mark Wahlberg star in Pain & Gain



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