“No Pain, No Gain” – 9/2/13 Daily Writing Prompt Result

No Pain, No Gain – Daily Writing Prompt Result (9/2/13)

Darkness, I yearn for you. I ache for the emptiness of a room left abandoned by time. This room is blind and empty, yet free from dust.

It is my escape and my cave when I am in pain.

I hide under dark blankets and listen to the blood flow, pump and push in my head, laughing at me sinisterly as I pray for the meds to take over.

I feel suicidal, imagining a gun pressed against my throbbing forehead. The gun goes off, the pressure is released, the valve is broken. The pain would be gone.

But so would I.

The darkness forms around me as I struggle against the ache. I long for a day without the ache, without the need for darkness, without the hunger for medication.

But I am not warranted such a life.

Darkness, take me away to a land without pain. Take me to my dreams.

dream a little, dream of me

Dream a little, dream of me