10 Facts About Me

Here’s something fun! On your own blog, or Facebook page, or Twitter, or hell, your fridge, write 10 Facts About Yourself that people should know. Choose items people may not realize about you, but should know in order to understand your perspective…or what makes you tick.

10 Facts About Me (in no particular order)

10) Bullying of any sort makes my blood boil. Yes, this is a cliché but it also perfectly describes how upset I get when I see bullying of any form, any time, anywhere. As a former victim, of relentless bullying for seven years I don’t tolerate bullying on any level.

9) I’m feisty. See above. I’m not afraid to speak my mind. Or write what is on my mind. It’s a freedom I hold dear. I’m quick to put acid pens to paper and opine.

8) I’m proud of my country, my heritage, and what it means to be American. And I’ll fight to the death to protect it. Above all else, before I am human or a woman, I am a Patriot. Politics aside. You can love your country and not have that same love for your government.

7) I taught myself how to write. Literally. I traced letters out of books to form “words.” I’ve been writing longer than I could speak. But I’m not afraid to keep learning how to be better at my craft.

6) I’m sarcastic, somewhat bitter, but I can laugh at myself. I can be a bit of a ditz, and was naïve growing up.

5) I want to believe people are inherently good, but from all my experiences in this world, I know deep down most people are inherently evil. And that’s OK with me. As long as I know this, I can move forward. Trust no one. People will use you to get ahead, even when they don’t have to. People are selfish, self-righteous without any meaning or true intention, and self-absorbed. Not everyone, but most people. So when you do find a good person, he or she truly is the exception to prove the rule.

4) Even with what I just said in #5, I try to be a good person. (Not in video games, if you’ve played with or against me. I’m a villain there.) I try to treat others with respect. I am loyal. I am honest and trust-worthy. Just don’t cross me.

3) Because I hold grudges. If you defriend me on Facebook because of my politics or because I didn’t go to your bday party (yes, this happened), don’t think I won’t block your ass and ignore your calls. If you act like a butthead, I’ll treat you like one. Respect me, and we’re good.

2) As much as I try to be good, there are plenty of people who just don’t deserve my respect. So if you don’t respect me and my opinions, then I won’t respect you. It’s a give and take. And I’m tired of taking BS from people who don’t have the decency or courage to respect me and my beliefs.

1) I believe whole-heartedly in two ideas: Karma and Guardian Angels. I’ve seen Karma in action: what goes around, does come around. And I know I have at least one Guardian Angel who has saved me more times than I would ever admit. I hope I’m worthy of their guidance.

Happy Writing!

guardian angel

Am I worthy of his or their guidance?