Update – Back in the Saddle

I have a dirty mind. I blame Melrose Place, the ORIGINAL, which I watched religiously while growing up. I just started rewatching the series on Netflix too… MP remains one of my all-time favorite shows!

Random, but “back in the saddle” has always had a dirty connotation in my mind – and said mind is always in the gutter.


I’m still coping with daily migraines but starting to feel more human, so I think I can get back to my blog, finally! I will be posting some features later this week, and an update on my GoodReads investigation (the news is bleak), as well as the daily writing prompts Mon-Sat you’ve come to expect from my little blog.

I will also be hosting a Poetry Contest in late fall/early winter. Stay tuned for details on that,

In the meantime, dear writers & readers, thank you for your patience with me and my health. Dealing with daily migraines is more than a chore, more than an albatross, more than a noose. It’s debilitating and frustrating, especially when I can’t work or play. Being around understanding people helps the stress levels stay lower on average. Thanks for all the kind words too.

Oh, and lastly, I’ve recently become addicted to Twitter! I was anti-Twitter like many of Generation X (or am I from Y?…I’m 32) but hey, get a reply from a movie star or comedian or director you’ve admired for years and you’re hooked!

Follow me on Twitter @CarolynneKeenan, and drop me a line. I’ll follow back…unless you are a rapper. Nothing personal but “melodic death metal,” “goth/industrial” and hard rock tunes don’t mesh well with rappers…and the gross pictures you guys post are annoying. But if you’re a reader/writer, I’d love to Follow you!