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Ask Danielle Breeze if she thinks women in romance novels tend to be weak – and you’ll stumble into the reason she started writing in the genre. She wants strong-willed women to have their voices heard in romance.

And she wants to prove that alpha males can have feelings in romances too.

“Surreptitious,” available from Amazon.com and soon-to-be-released from Smashwords, is the first part in a three-book series called London that tells the story of such a woman. Taylor, the main character, is struggling with demons from her childhood, and doesn’t yet understand the hold her past has on her. Jackson is the male lead and he works to bring down Taylor’s barrier so both can find true love and heal.

Breeze explained the story’s title, which means “secretive” or “hidden,” is from Taylor’s belief that Jackson is holding something back from her, or hiding something.

Her stubborn, strong-willed heroine has a little bit of the author in her too, Breeze said. “Although I can’t say I’ve ever had to deal with some of the things my characters deal with, each and every one of them has a tiny bit of me in them!”

Part two, “Resist,” is due out in October, along with Breeze’s standalone novel, “Everybody’s Somebody.”

She calls Coventry, England, home, and enjoys listening to loud music when she’s writing. “I can’t write at all without noise playing in the background,” Breeze said, adding that her neighbors don’t complain – they like her.

Breeze is working on a degree in English, but opted to take a break this year to get her novels out to the public. She’s a fan of anyone who buys one of her books. “Every time I’ve sold more, I text my mum… and then grin for hours,” she said. “It’s a dream come true for my work to be out there and each of you play a part in that.”

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