Journey through Love: Lisa Bilbrey releases fourth novella of collection

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“Journey to a New Life” cover/copyrighted by Lisa Bilbrey/used with permission

Lisa Bilbrey, author of The Journey Collection, believes in the power of love – and that love will conquer all.

“Life isn’t easy,” Bilbrey said. “But if you hold onto the ones you love, let them help you through the dark times, the journey will mean something.”

This is the central theme of Bilbrey’s recently-released novella and  the fourth in her series, The Journey Collection. Each book focuses on the main character, Travis, a former football star who has to let go of his dreams following an injury.

The Journey Home opens the series and introduces readers to Travis, who returns home to figure out the meaning of his life. “He finds a part of himself there and can’t let it go,” Bilbrey explained.

The second book, The Journey of Champions, finds Travis questioning his decisions in life and longing to return home to his family. In Journey to Forever, Travis settles into a new life with his betrothed and a new job coaching high school football.

Her latest book, Journey to a New Life, finds Travis and his now wife expecting their first child. The decisions he made as an 18-year-old impact his life in ways he may not have expected.

“For me, The Journey Collection is more than just a romance series,” Bilbrey said. “But the story of a man who is broken and finds his way back home, and finds the happiness he never knew he wanted. It’s a collection about hope, love, and family.”

Bilbrey sets the collection in Clarendon, Texas – where she lives, and where football is a way of life for many boys with two practices each day. “When game starts, the community nearly shuts down and everyone converges into the stands of the field to cheer our boys on,” Bilbrey said.

Her teenaged son is one of those boys: “football is his life,” she said.

“When the storyline hit me, I knew I wanted to write about the Texas boy who found himself on the cusp of everything, just to have to return home — where he belongs,” Bilbrey said.

Journey to a New Life is Bilbrey’s ninth release. She has written four other novellas as part of the Renaissance Romance Publishing’s Candy Collection: Life’s Unexpected Gifts, A Season of Change, The Apartment (penned as B.F. Betty), and Broken Hearts & Dusty Dreams. She also has a paranormal romance novella, Angel’s Heart: The Keeper.

For more information about Bilbrey and her books, visit her websites: Lisa Bilbrey, author, on Facebook or About Me: Lisa Bilbrey.

Places to purchase any of her novellas are listed after Fun Faves.

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Here at One Story Slinger, we like to get to know the authors behind the stories. Here are some fun facts about Lisa Bilbrey, Featured Author for Sept. 25, 2013:

     Fun Faves about Lisa Bilbrey, author of The Journey Collection
Song: The Story by Brandi Carlile
Color: Red
Food: Sunflower seeds
Book: Wishing Cotton by Elizabeth M. Lawrence
Movie: Newsies

     Random Fun Fact: Lisa Bilbrey has a twin sister! When the twins were 19, her sister had to have her appendix removed. During the tissue biopsy, doctors found evidence of a possible third baby. To this day, Lisa’s family teases her sister about “eating” the potential triplet, and jokes that Lisa was lucky to get out alive! 🙂

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