When Reviewers Attack – Part Three – Take Control Against Trolls Who Attack

Part Three – Take Control against Reviewers Who Attack (Prologue, Part One, Part Two)

Cyberstalking and cyber-harassment are real threats. What can an author do about it?

1)   Know you’re not alone

2)   Decide to stand up for yourself

a. Document EVERYTHING


c. Start a file and print out copies of emails, threatening reviews, criminal notes listing home addresses

d. Know your state’s anti-cyberstalking laws, and review the federal statutes as well.

e. Protect yourself against attacks

f. If you don’t want to speak out for fear of reprisal, make sure you have a good network of friends and family to support you. Reach out to other authors.

It’s time for a revolution. Victimized authors have a legitimate case to sue for harassment against each of the bullies. Stand united and we can take them down – one by one, if we have to.

Crimes are punishable by fines and/or imprisonment or both. Many people are joining a lawsuit against the abuse. Stay tuned to One Story Slinger for follow-up pieces on those legal cases.

Authors can always opt to ignore them. Who really cares about the reviews of a bunch of unprofessional nitwits like the trolls have proven themselves to be? Look into writing blogs to get your books reviewed. Remove your books from GoodReads/Amazon and other sites if you don’t care for their policies. It’s your right to do so.

There are good reviewers out there – and there are good people out there that support you and your efforts to be rid of bullying.

Let’s keep talking about this issue as often as possible. I’ll keep updating my readers on this case and others. The more attention we bring to the psychosis and inanity of the trolls, the more support we’ll have.

Above all, remember you’re not alone. Unfortunately trolls attack many authors but I’m hopeful that over time, as we expose their insanity, inanity, lies, crimes and behaviors we’ll garner more support and eventually put a stop to the bullying.

Bryant, one of the authors who has been cyberstalked and harassed, advised fellow  victims to go to sites like Stop The Goodreads Bullies (STGRB) to “learn what to do and what not to do.”

“Do what your heart tells you,” Bryant said. “Nobody knows you more than you know yourself.”

Resources for victims



http://www.fightcyberstalking.org/ (includes ways to report cyberstalking cases)