Daily Writing Prompt #19.13 – Scarecrow Convo (10/15/13)


My last prompt post was back in September before the Bullying story posted – before the federal government shutdown. Yikes! But dealing with Trolls, their Pathetic Attacks (Capitalized for Emphasis) and sorting through which comments were actually productive and not just additional Trolls Trying to Defend Their Criminal Behavior, took a lot of steam.

Plus I’ve been pretty sick with migraines – I get them daily and still am even though the weather should be cooling down as Autumn is upon us. (You hear me, my evil state?!)

Here’s an appropriate writing prompt to help usher in the season of scares, pumpkins, and Halloween.

fancy page break

Daily Writing Prompt #19.13 – Scarecrow Convo (10/15/13)

You’ve just woken up as a scarecrow in your dad’s cornfield. How did you get there? Were you reincarnated? Did a prank go horribly wrong? Talk to the crow that has landed on your shoulder – so much for scaring those things.

nonworking scarecrow - with a crow