One Story Slinger to Launch Writers’ Workshop in 2014



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You’d think the writers community would be a competitive field – as technically we’re each other’s competition – but what I’ve found is the opposite. We support fellow writers in many ways – by reading each other’s work, helping to promote their publications and even by critiquing and reviewing each other’s stories and projects.

Constructive reviews are essential to becoming a better writer. I’ve been writing since I was able, and I’ve taken a zillion and one classes, but I know I can keep learning. I attend bi-weekly workshops to have my stories critiqued and to help others become the best writers they can. I’m always reading news articles, posts and books by fellow writers to learn tips of my trade.

Some of the best comments and feedback I’ve received have been constructive. A writer will tell me flat-out that something doesn’t work, and here’s why. But I’ve also received compliments that I remind myself of when I’m stuck at a certain plot point or need inspiration to get back to a story.

I highly recommend writers of all skill level attend critiquing workshops. To that end, I’ve decided to launch a Workshop on One Story Slinger in early 2014! Each month we’ll critique several stories of a certain word count limit. This will be in a forum-type setting, or possibly through Google Chat. The details – and kinks! – are still getting worked out. If there is enough interest, I’ll host a separate Poetry Workshop as well.

Stay tuned to One Story Slinger for more about the Workshop! Questions? Want to join the workshop email list? Email me!


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  1. Great idea, I am certainly interested, Kevin

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