NaNoWriMo Check In

How has your NaNoWriMo going so far? I’m one day behind in word count thanks to a migraine, but I think I’ll make up the word count today.

Things I’ve learned so far:

1) Some say you should write at the same time every day to get into a routine. This doesn’t really work for me, as I work full-time and often I’m not in the mood to write on my lunch break, so I have to wait until I get home – and vice versa. I write whenever the inspiration gets me, which is to say I write whenever. The routine also doesn’t work for someone coping with a debilitating pain condition that literally stops me in my tracks.

2) Plotting/outlining the story was a good idea. I’m not sticking to the outline 100% but since I have an idea where I want the story to go, I’m in better shape than usual. Also I printed out the plot outline so I can refer back to my characters and the little details you can sometimes forget about a person.

3) I’m writing each day in a new document. Most have one larger manuscript, which makes sense too, but for some reason this way of organizing works better for me. I can see all the documents I’ve completed and feel more accomplished. (Maybe as a former journalist it’s like I’m seeing all the articles I’ve completed.) It’s also nice to start with a blank page and then fill it up with that day’s ideas.

4) If you can attend a Write-In, do it! I attended one in my city this week and sitting among other writers typing away on their stories inspired me – and brought out my competitive streak. I didn’t participate in the word wars but plan to next week. Find one in your city/town and take an hour or so from your busy schedule to do this. It’s also fun to find out about other writers’ stories.

That’s it so far. If you want to “friend” me on the NaNoWriMo site, I’ll “friend” you back. My name is OneStorySlinger.

Keep Writing! ūüôā



Daily Writing Prompt #18.13 – Flowers Grow in Anything (9/29/13)

flowers on concrete

Daily Writing Prompt #18.13

Use the above image to write a flash fiction piece (less than 1000 words). Why are these flowers growing here in what looks like concrete? Or were these flowers part of a fallen bouquet? Perhaps your narrator clipped these flowers and tossed them in the wind; they ended their journey here, on the sidewalk.

Optional: write an accompanying poem, haiku or song.

Happy Writing!



Daily Writing Prompt #17.13 – Worst Case Scenario Girl (9/24/13)

If you were a superhero, what would your name and your powers be? I would definitely be Worst Case Scenario Girl – able to immediately conclude the Worst Possible Outcome for any given situation, and be anxious about said situation. We’re all gonna die! (I would not be a calming person to be around on a flight crashing into an ocean or an island…)

Write a piece of flash fiction or a poem about your Superhero.

Happy Writing!

cartoon of computer simulated worst case scenario


Daily Writing Prompt #16.13 – Autumn’s Arrival (9/23/13)

Autumn is finally here! As someone who suffers from daily migraines frequently triggered by humidity, I welcome the cooler air, changing leaves, and pumpkin-spice aroma in everything…although I don’t care for pumpkin pie!

Write about what Autumn means to you – a new season, new perspective; the school year starting; or even just the return of your favorite shows. (Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother, the final season, premieres tonight. American Horror Story: Coven will premiere on Oct. 9. Those are two of my faves!) Write a poem or a short story/flash fiction piece, and capture the spirit of the season. Try capturing the season itself as a character.

Happy Writing!

autumn wooded path

A walk in autumn

Daily Writing Prompt #15.13 – Hidden Cache (9/21/13)

We all have secrets, and we all have places we hide them. Either in our hearts and mind, or more tangible places like an old hat box in the closet…or under your own bed. (Perhaps under a bed that’s not your own? Hmm…)

What do you hide under your bed? Secrets? Off-season wardrobe? The doorway to another land? Gifts for next Christmas? Something you broke, can’t fix and need to hide from someone?¬†Write a flash fiction piece about the hidden cache you slumber upon.

Happy Writing!

under the bed storage

Under the bed cache – survival or hoarding?

Daily Writing Prompt #14.13 – End of the World as We Know It (9/18/13)

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I feel fine…” REM, classic anthem of my youth

What would you do if you found out the world was ending next week? Write a story about your decisions and actions. Is there any hope for humanity? Why is the world ending? What would your last meal be? What would you want your legacy to be?

Happy Writing!

Please note: Image below is a screenshot from Fallout 3 by Bethesda Softworks, one of my all-time favorite video games. The Fallout series is a FPS that takes place around the country in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Fallout 3 takes place where I live, the DC-metro area, and includes landmarks of the area.

video game Fallout 3 by Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 3 screenshot

Daily Writing Prompt #13.13 – Cliche Clique (9/17/13)

crimson and clover

Bring a clique into the 21st century Рand make the newly edited sentence the first line or lead in a story. For example:

“My blood boiled and I saw red.”

Updated version:

“My insides were lava; my eyes found crimson in every nook of my vision.¬†This was the moment in which my world collapsed…”

Stay tuned for the result on Wednesday (9/18/13).

Happy Writing!

Note: Thanks to my migraines I missed a chance for #13.13 to be on Friday the 13th! Oh well, that was the last thing on my mind whilst battling that demon.