Vote for “Melanie’s Man,” Challenge 35 on The Iron Writer


Hey readers! Please take a few minutes to read and vote for my story, “Melanie’s Man,” competing this week on The Iron Writer!

The Iron Writer is a flash fiction challenge which pits four authors against each other in a match of skill and determination. Using four elements randomly selected by the host and creator of The Iron Writer, Brian Rogers, the authors take four days to write a piece of 500 words or less. Then we compete for bragging rights – the title of The Iron Writer Winner for our week’s challenge.

This is Week 35. I’m up against three other terrific writers and it’s fierce. Our elements to include in the 500 words or less story were Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Twister (the game), a hot air balloon, and fishnet stockings.

Click here to read my story (and the other three) and then vote for your favorite! Hope you enjoy “Melanie’s Man” – and hope you decide to vote for me! 🙂

Please note: as of 10/24/13, my name is misspelled in the poll, and the title is incorrect. The poll lists the title as “Melanie’s Eye” instead of “Melanie’s Man.” I’ve left a comment and will try to get it corrected. Hope this doesn’t discourage votes!  

Any author can participate on The Iron Writer. For more information on The Iron Writer, visit the blog site at Read previous winners’ stories in the archives, check out other authors, sign up for your own challenge, and check out the other contests available.

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