Guest Posting

Fellow authors! Want to get the word out about a new book or collection? Maybe you just want to keep your name out there in the community, or find a way to write more often.

You can Guest Post here at One Story Slinger! Guest Posts are generally around 500-600 words, but can be longer or shorter depending on the topic. Guest Post writers can use their postings as a chance to promote their work and their own blogs, too, so it’s like free marketing and publicity!

If you are interested in Guest Posting at One Story Slinger, all I ask are two things:

  1. The topic has to relate to writing or publishing in some way. This can be loosely interpreted. For example, if you are a former cop and now a crime writer, you can discuss how your experiences in the field of law enforcement compelled you to write crime thrillers or true crime. Former nurses who write about romance could say they read these books to escape their jobs and ended up with a penchant for it.
  2. You have to return the favor, meaning help me promote my blog on your blog/website and/or social media. I don’t mean Guest Posting for you, although I’m happy to do that if you’d like. But the day you are Guest Posting at One Story Slinger, you Tweet, Facebook post and/or post on your own blog that you’re here and you link back to my blog.

You can Guest Post as often as you want, as long as you follow these two guidelines. If you’re interested in Guest Posting, submit a topic using the form below.

Please note: I may edit your Guest Post for grammatical errors (not that any of you authors would make those mistakes!) but I won’t edit the content itself, unless it is in some way offensive to a reasonable person.

Happy Writing!



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