Featured Authors

Fellow authors! Do you want to be featured on One Story Slinger? Do you have new book/collection being released and want some free publicity?

It’s easy! This blog is dedicated to helping fellow writers share their publications and support the writing community at large. Use the contact form below.

I will also review your newly released book or collection. Please visit the ReviewMe page for more info.

I handle features a bit differently than other bloggers, as I’m a former journalist/investigative reporter. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’ll be digging up dirt on you. 🙂 I’ll send you questions via email and instead of just posting the responses, I’ll write a feature based on them. I’ll send you the post before it’s published so you will have final approval, and can make any changes to the facts that you would like. However, I retain creative control – which means you can fix items for accuracy but not general editing. But, if you don’t like the post, it won’t be published. I’m not in the business of scandal journalism – that’s one of the reasons I left the field in the first place!

Features are meant to be positive and promotional – you can take the opportunity to sell new readers on you and your new release, as well as remind loyal fans why they love you. I’ll list any place to purchase your book as a link (for example, Amazon.com) as well as any author website or blog. The questions are tailored for each author but generally include discussions on your book, your experience, and fun facts about you. Features are generally between 600-1000 words. But if there’s a need to use more space, we’ll use it.

I do ask that if you are Featured here at One Story Slinger, you include a pingback or link to my blog on your own website and/or social media (like Facebook and Twitter).

Features will run as often as possible – there is no limit! If you have a book series being released, we can do features for each book in the series being released. Follow-up articles will generally be shorter, but will link back to the original posts so you’ll still get plenty of free publicity.

UPDATE as of DECEMBER 2013: I’ve changed the policy in that anyone who wants to be Featured MUST use the Contact Form below to be scheduled on the Feature Calendar. Emails will no longer be accepted, unless you have made initial contact using the form below.

Happy Writing!


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