All Set…

I’m ready for NaNoWriMo! I’ve got my story all set, an actual outline (try not to die of shock), plenty of tea and candy, and I’m organized. I’ve even got a handy little badge on the sidebar of this blog to help track my word count.

I’ll try to keep posting on One Story Slinger regularly but no promises. I decided to be selfish and focus on my own writing this month, although that’s not entirely my fault considering I set up to do reviews but no one emailed me back. 😦 Total sad face.

The trick will be finding time to write on days like today when I’ve got a migraine and want to shoot myself instead of write. But that’s a challenge I always face.

Happy Writing!


Daily Writing Prompt #19.13 – Scarecrow Convo (10/15/13)


My last prompt post was back in September before the Bullying story posted – before the federal government shutdown. Yikes! But dealing with Trolls, their Pathetic Attacks (Capitalized for Emphasis) and sorting through which comments were actually productive and not just additional Trolls Trying to Defend Their Criminal Behavior, took a lot of steam.

Plus I’ve been pretty sick with migraines – I get them daily and still am even though the weather should be cooling down as Autumn is upon us. (You hear me, my evil state?!)

Here’s an appropriate writing prompt to help usher in the season of scares, pumpkins, and Halloween.

fancy page break

Daily Writing Prompt #19.13 – Scarecrow Convo (10/15/13)

You’ve just woken up as a scarecrow in your dad’s cornfield. How did you get there? Were you reincarnated? Did a prank go horribly wrong? Talk to the crow that has landed on your shoulder – so much for scaring those things.

nonworking scarecrow - with a crow


Minor Hiatus

hiatus magnifying glass sticky

One Story Slinger on minor hiatus until 9/13/13 – due to migraines! (I hate them)

Hi writers & readers!

As you may know, I suffer from daily migraines – yes, it’s as much fun as it sounds. 😦 Thanks to a bad combo of the weather (heat, humidity and usual MD fluctuating barometric pressure) and a bout of the flu, I need to take a minor hiatus from blogging.

I should be back in top form – or close to it – or hell, I’ll just take Functioning Form – by Fri., Sept. 13 or the weekend at the latest.

Ooh, Friday the 13th. Those days are lucky for me! 🙂

In the meantime, keep writing! I’ve posted lots of prompts to try out, and there will be more starting soon. Features will post soon as well. Want me to review your book? Please use the contact form below to get on the ReviewMe Calendar! Reviews will launch in October.

If you want to be featured in any other way check out the tabs at the top – Featured Authors, Guest Posting. I’d love to help promote your work. Email me at cfitzpatrickkeenan [at] gmail [dot] com or use the form below.

Happy Writing!


Daily Writing Prompt #11.13 – Ten People, Ten Words or Less (9/7/13)

Apologies on the delay, readers & writers. I had a nasty migraine that made me regret existing on both Friday and most of today (Saturday). So no prompt for yesterday (9/6/13), just for today.

And I pilfered this one from another site, but it’s a good one.

Pick 10 people you know, and describe them in 10 words or less.

Happy Writing!

number 10 anniversary heart couple

“No Pain, No Gain” – 9/2/13 Daily Writing Prompt Result

No Pain, No Gain – Daily Writing Prompt Result (9/2/13)

Darkness, I yearn for you. I ache for the emptiness of a room left abandoned by time. This room is blind and empty, yet free from dust.

It is my escape and my cave when I am in pain.

I hide under dark blankets and listen to the blood flow, pump and push in my head, laughing at me sinisterly as I pray for the meds to take over.

I feel suicidal, imagining a gun pressed against my throbbing forehead. The gun goes off, the pressure is released, the valve is broken. The pain would be gone.

But so would I.

The darkness forms around me as I struggle against the ache. I long for a day without the ache, without the need for darkness, without the hunger for medication.

But I am not warranted such a life.

Darkness, take me away to a land without pain. Take me to my dreams.

dream a little, dream of me

Dream a little, dream of me